What We Do

A specialty of CCN has been the development and implementation of technology transfer communication programs. A new technology does little social or economic good if it is misunderstood or if it remains beyond the understanding and use of the people and industries it should benefit.

CCN has helped business, academia and government organizations communicate the significance, the what/how/why, the features/benefits, and the economics of several diverse technologies. These include:

  • Agricultural biotechnology (transformation of crops, seed/trait systems).
  • Environmentally preferable pest control systems.
  • Ag/Food Industry information technology (Web-based)
  • Environmental stewardship in crop nutrition.
  • Plant physiology and growth regulation.
  • Applied technology educational programs.

Many of these CCN programs have focused on three carefully defined audiences:

  • End-Users and Consumers. In agriculture this includes growers, cooperatives, farm managers, livestock producers and veterinarians. Moving up the supply chain, this also may include grain elevators, food buyers, processors, distributors and retailers.
  • Media. Reporters, editors and broadcasters multiply the reach of information and leverage its importance in programs to transfer new technologies, whether it's to the public sector or through the business press to specific portions of the private sector.
  • Influencers. In agriculture these include university Extension Specialists, crop consultants and farm managers.

Successful technology transfer requires communication skills that translate both science and benefits clearly, simply and directly.

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