CCN is a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations firm near Kansas City specializing in business-to-business and agribusiness accounts. But CCN is organized and staffed in a manner that differentiates it from the typical ad or PR agency. 

Our staffing, economy of structure, and philosophy of operation provide the advantages you need to help your company realize its marketing or public relations objectives with the greatest efficiencies possible.

The Network Advantage
Simply Put, maximum capabilities with minimal costs.
The Network Advantage
Thinking Like The Client
CCN wants to be considered more than simply an "outside vendor." We seek to become an integral working segment of your corporate and marketing teams. We build open communications and meaningful understanding with our clients.
Communications By Objective
We believe a communications program for an organization should be planned and executed to sell that institution to its public and further its image and share of its market, the same as with any other goods or services.
GSA Contract Holder

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