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The General Services Administration has awarded Creative Communications Network, Inc. (CCN) two contracts for the provision of Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions under GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules program. GSA General Info

The General Services Administration has awarded Creative Communications Network, Inc. (CCN) two contracts for the provision of Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions under GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules program. The specifics of these contracts can be found in the Supply Schedule Price Lists for each contract, found within this section of the CCN Web site.

There are two contracts because one of the categories, Special Item Number 541-F, Commercial Art and Graphic Design, is a Set-Aside for Small Business. CCN is a Woman-Owned, HUBzone Small Business. These GSA contracts cover services that include the following tasks.

Contract GS-24F-0160S (Set-Aside for Small Business)
Special Item Number 541-F Commercial Art and Graphic Design. Services provided include:
  •  Developing conceptual design and layouts
  •  Providing copywriting and technical writing services
  •  Developing publication designs and/or typographic layout
  •  Commercial art (custom or stock, including electronic artwork)
  •  Graphic design
  •  Special effects that educate the consumer market about a product or service

Contract GS-24F-0161S
Special Item Number 541-1 Advertising Services.
The services provided will promote public awareness of an agency’s mission and initiatives, public understanding of complex technical and social issues, dissemination of information to industry and consumer advocacy groups, and engaging in recruitment campaigns. This encompasses various advertising methods to include, but not limited to, the following.

  • Advertising Objective Determination: Providing consultation services that identify the direct objectives of the campaign, and developing strategies for conducting the advertising campaign in order to provide the best methods of public education. Typical tasks associated with this phase include the identification of the target market, their response patterns, reach and frequency needed, and budget.
  • Message Decision/Creation: Developing the advertising message and any corresponding collateral materials to accomplishing the advertising objectives.
  • Media Selection: Conducting market research to identify the appropriate media vehicle (print, radio, television, etc.) in promoting the agency’s message. Typical tasks may include, but are not limited to, direct mail, outdoor marketing, and broadcast media as well as print media.
  • Direct Mail Services: Incorporating effective timing of messages, a method of reaching prospects directly, and diversity in advertising formats. Services may include address list compilation, addressing services, test mailing services, warehousing/clearinghouse services, and mail advertising services such as direct mail and postage (most economical means to the government). Using the Coding Accuracy Support System software and National Change of Address to match addresses with the U.S. Postal Service database may be required.
  • Outdoor Marketing and Media Services: Promoting the agency's advertising and integrated marketing efforts. Types of services may include, but are not limited to, painted and/or electronic displays, posters, billboards (both standard and electronic), banners, bulletins, balloons, skywriting, and bumper stickers. Also, assembling, repairing and maintaining displays may be required. Novelty items in conjunction with advertising services are also included. Examples of advertising sites are: all modes of transit such as buses to include exterior and interior panels, train and subway stations, taxi tops, truck trailers, sporting events, airport displays, and kiosks.
  • Broadcast Media – Radio, TV and Public Service Announcements (PSAs): Promoting public awareness and/or preparing the consumer market for a product or service. These tasks may cover the full spectrum of services necessary from conception to implementation of the broadcast media. Examples of typical tasks are: Development of radio or television announcements, creative development of draft scripts and storyboards, TV monitoring, paid advertising, media buying, instantaneous satellite services, and ad placement verification services.
  • Advertising evaluation: Effectively measuring the success of the advertising campaign through various methods.
  • Activities related to advertising services.

541-2 Public Relations Services. These services include, but are not limited to, providing customized media and public relation services such as:

  • Development of media messages and strategies
  • Providing recommendations of media sources for placement of campaigns
  • Preparing media materials such as background materials, press releases, speeches and presentations, and press kits
  • Conducting news conferences
  • Scheduling broadcast and/or print interviews
  • Providing Media Relations, Public Relations and Crisis Communications
  • Training of agency personnel to deal with media & media responses
  • Producing Media Alerts
  • Providing press clipping services
  • Providing activities related to public relation services

541-4A Market Research and Analysis Services. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing customized strategic marketing plans
  • Creating branding initiatives
  • Creating public awareness of products, services, and issues
  • Identifying and analyzing target markets
  • Establishing measurable marketing objectives
  • Determining market trends and conditions, and identifying and implementing appropriate strategies
  • Conducting focus groups, telemarketing, individual interviews
  • Preparing and distributing surveys, and compiling/analyzing results
  • Managing call centers (in relation to services provided under this schedule)

541-4C Exhibit Design and Implementation Services. These services include making all necessary arrangements for exhibits in various venues (museums, malls, trade shows, etc.), including:

  • Conceptualizing, designing, and producing exhibits and their accompanying materials
  • Providing and/or making recommendations for carpet and padding installation for exhibit property
  • Previewing, setting-up, and dismantling of exhibits
  • Cleaning, prepping, and storing exhibits for future use
  • Shipping exhibits to and from designated site(s)
  • Media and Exhibit Illumination Services is an additional component of exhibit design and may be evaluated separately. In support of exhibit design and implementation, Media and Exhibit Illumination Services may be used to enhance the exhibits created. Contractors submitting an offer for Illumination Services are not required to perform Exhibit Design Services and vice versa.

SIN 541-1000 Other Direct Costs (ODCs). These items directly support the services being contracted.

  • ODCs are usually supplies/products but may include labor categories (people).
  • ODCs may be handled in-house by CCN or through subcontracting that is necessary to complete a project.
  • ODCs cannot be purchased under this contract as a stand alone item or service.
  • To the extent possible, all anticipated ODCs associated with performance within the scope of the contract will be offered and have an established contract price.
  • All ODCs proposed will be directly related to a service being offered under this Schedule and can only be purchased in conjunction with the Schedule service.
  • Possible ODCs may include items such as audiovisual equipment, facility rental, commercial production, media costs, exhibit space rental, etc., that are associated with the services to be performed under the schedule contract.
  • The category of “miscellaneous” is not an acceptable ODC and will not be awarded under this Special Item Number. The ODC must be identified and be specific.
  • The contract may be modified at any time to add/delete/change ODCs as appropriate to respond to a task order.
  • ODCs not approved on the schedule may not be included as part of a GSA Schedule order.

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