Dale Longfellow
Director of Research for CCN, and President of Cambridge Research, Inc. Dale Longfellow

Dale has over 30 years of experience conducting qualitative and quantitative research across numerous agricultural, industrial, and commercial markets. His experience includes 16 years with Miller Research, a subsidiary of American Broadcasting Companies, most recently as Director of Research. In 1992 he formed Cambridge Research, a company that specializes in agricultural market opportunity research for clients. He has been a CCN affiliate since 1998. Ron Butler and Dale Longfellow have teamed on numerous research projects for clients that have included AgrEvo (agrichemicals) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture eGovernment program (funded through the Office of the Chief Information Officer).

Dale’s specialization is qualitative research methodologies, and he has headed research programs involving Focus Group Interviews, One-on-One Interviews, Tele-Groups, Executive Interviewing, Opportunity Sessions, Customer Satisfaction Audits, Cross-Functional Sessions, and Online LiveMeeting Sessions. He also has developed programs for Research Moderator and Interviewer Training.

Just as one size does not fit all, one qualitative research method is not appropriate for every situation. Dale always analyzes the client need and strategic objectives before recommending the qualitative method or methods that will ensure the client receives the maximum return on its research investment.

In quantitative research, Dale has designed, managed, and completed a variety of studies for satisfied customers using telephone, mail, phone-mail-phone, and other quantitative techniques. Quantitative research studies Dale has conducted over the years have involved financial services, software assessment, equipment design, and biotechnology. Dale also has at times recommended that quantitative research be supplemented with qualitative methods. This provides the design of a comprehensive study that will yield fuller understanding for unique research needs.

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